Thursday, February 25, 2010

What an idiot!

I'm the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles chairperson for the Air Force Art Program and have been since 2002. I grew up in the jet age and spent many a rainy day in New Orleans building model airplanes. ( Wow, what a tangent this could be... I could spend countless posts sharing with anybody my love of aircraft, models, anything in miniature, model box art, Art Center heroes, sharing stories of my childhood with adults that grew up the same way I did and our love of those "simpler times!"

Anyway, I was asked by the Pentagon to go on a trip with five other artists to Barksdale, AFB to document a new command being established to replace SAC. I jumped at the chance to go especially since I had not been to Barksdale in Shreveport, LA since they were flying the B-47's.
Two weeks before the trip, I realized that I would be traveling to the air base on SuperBowl Sunday! I thought about canceling my trip, but I committed to escort these 5 other artists around in a van the Air Force provided for me. Surely, I have to "do my duty"plus I gotta represent my home state and show them a good cajun meal or two ... and besides, the Saints aren't gonna go to the Supa ...What!

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